About Us

Lotus Resources Management

Public / Personal, Corporate and Organization Transformation Agent

We care deeply about corporate and personal transformation,

and we dedicating our life time to help poeple and corporation that bring increase, success breakthrough, and bring more value profesionally.

Currently, lot of us are full time trainer for making people and also corporation getting more success, being fully motivated and having a great purpose to reach.

We provide High Class Training with professional Technics based on NLP and ANC methods in Indonesia,

Our Services :

  1. Motivational Breakthrough Training
  2. Public Speaking Training
  3. Marketing Compass
  4. Hypnosys FUNdamental Training
  5. Intrapreneurship Training
  6. Leadership Training
  7. Personal Branding Training
  8. Corporate and organizational Capacity Building

Please Mail us for further information LotusTrainingID@gmail.com